Return to Private: Summer Term 2020

Letter 25/03/2020


This situation or any like it, it unprecedented and has never happened in most of our lifetimes. I can’t thank you all enough or tell you how proud I am of our entire school community. Everyone has supported each and I have not come across any negativity at all. We could not have chosen a better school motto, ‘Working together to achieve our best’. 

We are all in this together and please be assured that all member of our school community will support each other and you all through this crisis. Our staff are doing an amazing job of supporting the children of key workers at Simmondley Primary School. We are continuing to develop our home learning section on the website and teachers will be putting learning ideas and activities on their class pages weekly. 

Thank you all for the pictures of learning and pictures just to make someone else smile. Please continue to email me pictures and I will add them. Smiling is going to be one of the biggest weapons in beating this. 

You will all have your own way of getting through this and many people are juggling full time work at home with full time child care. Below are some suggestions.

  • Write a routine that fits work and school together and try and stick to it.
  • Write a weekly menu to make food last and reduce anxiety about what to cook.
  • Keep visiting our site for ideas and activities. 
  • Use our well being page for ideas.
  • Stick to routines as much as possible.
  • Certainly not last, keep smiling and laughing.

Many of our parents of vital key workers and I would like to thank you all from our whole community for the vital part you are playing. You are saving lives and we are truly grateful. We can all do our bit and  save lives by following government guidance.

Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Mr Woodward