Return to Private: Summer Term 2020

Thank you all and have a great summer break

Dear Pupils, Parents and Guardians, 

This may be  an understatement but I feel it  fair to say, that this has been an unusual end to the school year. We have said goodbye to our year 6 pupils and will welcome them right back again as soon as possible to say goodbye properly. Mrs Seville has left and we wish her all the very best for the future. Mrs Thornley is back from maternity leave and Mrs Heys will be starting hers soon.

Each person and family unit has had their own challenges in this difficult time but what has been very clear is that every single person has shown true strength and supported each other.  Whether in school or at home, we have worked together and however history judges this time period, we will know it as the time we stood by each other.  


School reports and other information will be posted on Monday. Attendance will not be on the reports this year as per the DFE guidelines. We assessed the children in December and parents had report cards in January and this was the last assessment period. we will assess all pupils in September and provide rigorous support and teaching to close any gaps.  Please don’t worry about anything, we will support all children with their learning and mental well-being. 

We are all really looking forward to September and welcoming all of our pupils and families back. Things will look a little different and more information will follow in August and here are some of the main points. 

  • All pupils are to enter through the main gate on Chadwick Street. Pupils can come in on their own and teachers will be at the front of their lines from 8:45am. If parents bring their child into the school grounds, they must leave through the side gate onto Sunlaw Street. This will be the same for picking up. This will add time to picking up and dropping off and we ask that everyone follows these rules for the safety of all. 
  • Pupils will take their coats and bags to their place in the classroom. 
  • All pupils will have a pencil case with their name on and all the stationary they need, so no equipment from home is to be brought in. 
  • At lunchtime all pupils will have one midday supervisor per class bubble and KS1 and EYFS will have their lunch in the hall in their class bubble. KS2 children will eat in their classrooms. 
  • There will be no before and after school club on Friday 4th September but will start again from Monday 7th September. 

Much more information will follow and it may feel odd at first but we will make it work and next year will be fantastic. 

Have a fantastic summer break, look after yourselves and we will see you all in September.

Mr Woodward