Before and After School Club

Before and After School Club

Our Before and After School Club (The Orchard) is available to all pupils in school. 

Director – Craig Woodward

Manager – Natalie Horrocks


Before School Club – 7.30-8.55am (when school starts)

After School Club – 3.25-6.00pm


We charge £2.25 per half hour session:

£2.25 until 4pm
£4.50 until 4.30pm
£6.75 until
£9.00 until 5.30pm
£11.25 until 6pm

If you arrive after 6pm to collect your child this will be charged as a late pick up and will incur an additional £4.50 fee. If you are persistently late i.e. after 6pm, you may be refused use of the after school club.

The Club provide breakfast in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. 


Mornings – Carla Suter

Afternoons – Natalie Horrocks


For all policies and procedures, please see the school policies tab.

Before and After School Activities: 

These are carefully planned by ‘The Orchard’ staff so that they cover a range of different curricular and non curricular subjects. The children are invited to take part in a range of different activities ranging from construction, art, music, gardening to sporting activities.

The Afterschool Club can be combined with other after school activities, for example sports clubs, dance and choir which take place straight after school.

First Aiders:

Natalie Horrocks

Carla Suter

Booking Arrangements: 

Please book both clubs in advance providing at least 48 hours’ notice. Bookings can be made via the School Office.  We accept ad-hoc bookings and will also accept late bookings subject to availability. We staff the Before and After School Club according to demand so we may not be able to cater for late bookings in all cases.  We will always try to accommodate where possible.


We ask for 24 hours’ notice for cancellations when no charge will be made.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice you will incur a minimum session charge of £2.25.


Payment is made via the School Money system.  Please settle your bill on a weekly basis.  Reminders will be sent out by the School Office on a regular basis.  If one month remains outstanding on your account you will not be able to utilise the Before and After School Club until such time as the account has been settled.

We also accept payment via Child Care vouchers.


Please contact the school office for more information on 01457 852427.


Ofsted Report February 2023





Ofsted Report February 2023

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Please see what we have been doing in the before and after school club.