Return to Private: Spring 2021

Update 21/01/2021

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all well. It was great to see so many of you on the zoom meetings for KS2 yesterday. If you couldn’t be there, that is absolutely fine. Next week, it will be great for me and Mr Ford to see what you have been doing. 

Laptop and devices generosity

I can’t thank you all enough for your generosity in donating laptops or devices to school. They will be ready for next week and sent to a good home. This will make a huge difference in supporting learning. 

Free School Meals

From W/C 25/01/2021, parents will receive vouchers for £15 per eligible pupil  directly from Edenred.

A big thank to Mrs Skidmore and her team for providing the packed lunches and food boxes at short notice. 

Zoom Meeting Attendance

Year 6 19
Year 5 17
Year 4 23
Year 3 9

Google Classrooms

It has been great to see all of your work submitted on Google classrooms or emailed to the teachers. It is clear you are all working really hard. If you need any technical support, please email Miss Weir on

Keep up the hard work. 

Live lessons

Some people have enquired about if we will be starting live or recorded lessons. Unfortunately, this will not be possible for the following reasons. 

  • Many parents are working full time and home schooling their children and then being available at certain times would add additional strain to an already difficult situation. 
  • During this lockdown, many more parents have taken their keyworker places and we have over 165 pupils on the registers from next week, although not everyone is in everyday. We have 7 bubbles and all staff are working full time in bubbles and preparing home learning for google classrooms. 

Plans beyond February half term

There are various dates on the media about reopening but we have not received any information officially. Gavin Williamson has said that he hopes to give schools two weeks notice. Please continue to wait to hear from me and we will continue with the current home schooling provision. 

Thank you to our staff and our whole community for all you have done in making the very best of this situation. 

Take care of yourselves. 

Mr Woodward