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Governors’ information

WSJ Governor term of office November 2022

Business Interest Declarations 2022

Governor meeting dates

Governing Body     Mon 3 Oct 22    School    7.00pm

Governing Body     Wed 14 Dec 22    School    7.00pm

Governing Body     Tue 31 Jan 23    School    7.00pm

Governing Body     Wed 22 Mar 23    School    7.00pm This meeting is likely to be changed to Tuesday 21st March 2023

Governing Body     Mon 8 May 23    School    7.00pm This meeting is likely to change due to the coronation bank holiday announced 06.11.22

Governing Body     Mon 10 Jul 23    School    7.00pm

WSJ 2021-22 Governor Attendance

Name Role Designation
Craig Woodward Headteacher Ex-Aficio
Emma Whitehead Chair of governors Co-opted
Charles Sutcliffe Vice chair of governors

Key Stage 2

Performance appraisal

Local Authority
Leo Ford Deputy Headteacher Co-opted
Heather Kindleysides SIAMS Foundation governor
Ben Powell Safeguarding Co-opted
Rev Chris Neilson   Ex-Aficio Foundation
Sarah Porru Recruitment Co-opted
Vacancy   Parent
Simon Watts Finance Co-opted
Kate Campbell-Green SEND Co-opted