Return to Mrs Cox and Mr Ford

Week beginning 15.06.2020

Hello Wildflowers, 

Thank you so much for all of the photos you have sent in! It has been lovely to see how you have all changed and grown. It has also been lovely sending emails to you and your parents to catch up and see what you have been up to. Keep them coming if you haven’t sent yours in yet.

Please keep doing some of the work we set and sending it in to us, we love seeing it and it makes us smile when you do. Remember a lot of this is to make sure you are in the best place when you are back at school. 

This week is an arty and crafty week (sorry parents!). Let’s get creative! We love making mess (normally on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with Mrs Cox and Mrs Rimmer as we all know that Mr Ford prefers to keep nice and clean!). The activities that we have suggested this week are lots and lots of fun. 

Maybe you could create your own mini beast trail like the one on the Longdendale Trail at the moment. Could you name your minibeasts with alliterations – Whitfield Worms, Wildflower wasps, Mr Ford’s frogs, Mrs Cox’s caterpillars or Mrs Rimmer’s runaway ants!

Keep safe!

Mrs Cox and Mr Ford.


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