String instrument / WOPPS lessons for Miss Weir’s class last year

WIDER OPPS CONTINUATION Parents continuation letter 2019-20

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As I am sure you are aware, earlier this year your daughter/son had the
opportunity to learn a string instrument with the rest of their class.  Sadly, due to the current situation we haven’t been able to complete this course.  However, the good news
is that your son/daughter can continue to play this instrument (or even
try another instrument if there are other instrumental lessons available
at their school).

Please see the attached document for more details and click on the link
if your child would be interested in continuing to learn to play an
instrument (this doesn’t mean you will be committing to having
lessons, at this point it is just an expression of interest).

If your son/daughter would not like to continue their lessons please can they bring their instrument back into school as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Mrs Collins

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