Profession Athlete Kevin Metzger is coming to school!

Your child will be bringing home a sponsorship form to try and raise some money for school (60%) and for the professional athlete Kevin Metzger (40%)  to fund their training and other costs etc.

For more information on our athlete please go to 

If your child raises between:

£5-£14.99 they will receive a signed photo of the athlete

£15-£34.99 they will receive a signed poster of the athlete

£35+ they will receive an autographed instant photograph of themselves with the athlete (this can include siblings too!). 

Any money raised to be brought into school on Thursday 12th (in one weeks time) so that we can let the athlete know what he needs to bring with him. 

The day will consist of the athlete (Kevin Metzger) completing a circuit challenge with the children, an assembly and a question and answer session. 

We are all very much looking forward to inspiring our children.


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