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English and Topic

Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May PowerPoint 



We would like your child to play on TTRockstars today. The need to play on ‘Garage’ a couple of times but then we would like them to play on ‘Studio’. Studio is where they get their ‘Rock Speed’ and it tells us what times tables they need to focus on. The more they practise the better and quicker they will get. 

If they want to challenge Mr Ford they have to go to Rockslam, find either his name or his Rockstar name (Ronald Starfoot). 

It has been great to see how quick some of you have got! Keep it up.

Good Luck!


This week we would like you to write a letter to ‘Kevin’ the child we sponsor through the Christian Charity ‘Compassion’. You could include what you have been up to since lockdown, what you enjoying doing, what you favourite food is and maybe ask him some questions about his life. 

Caleb from Mrs Fletcher’s class has done an example for you. If you are able to email the letter’s across to us, we can forward them to Kevin.


Watch the video below as it shows you how some of the letters are delivered to some of the children. 

Parents – there is an information letter below.

Compassion information letter (Parents)