Welcome back and update 05/09/2023

Welcome back and I hope everyone has had a lovely summer.

The staff have all had a great summer and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back tomorrow. 

School Building

We have had a lot of building work and decorating done over the summer. The hall has been decorated and we have a new floor. Bluebell, Sunflower and the SLT room have been decorated and are really positive learning environments. 

I know you will have heard on the news about school closures due to dangerous building materials. Please be assured that this doesn’t impact our school and we will be open on Wednesday 6th September. 

School day

There have been some changes to the  start and end of the school day.

  • The gates will continue to open at 8:45am and the staff will line the pupils up at 8:55am and take the pupils in. 
  • Pupils will be marked as late at 9am and they need to be taken to the office if they arrive after 9am. The office staff will sign them in and take them to the classes to minimise disruption to the learning of other pupils. 
  • In response to parent views and to maximise learning time, the end of the school day will be 3:30pm for all pupils and the gates will be open at 3:25pm. If you have made arrangements to pick up at the old times, that is fine until you can make arrangements to pick up at 3:30pm. Please pick up younger pupils first.

We are really looking forward to having everyone back. Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

Mr Woodward


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