Traffic near school and keeping everyone safe

I know you are all aware that the roads around our school can get congested at drop-off and pick-up times.

The school and the school parliament are working hard to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents where adults and children have been hit by a car or there has been a near miss. 

We have applied for the following interventions but there haven’t been enough reported incidents for the council to take action:

  • 20 miles per hour limit and signage from Tredcroft Street to Sunlaw Street
  • A single white line from Tredcroft Street to Sunlaw Street from 8am-9:30am and 3pm-4pm to prevent double parking
  • Speed bumps from Tredcroft Street to Sunlaw Street

The council have to go off data to put measures in place but we want to prevent anyone being hurt or being killed.  Please drive carefully and report any incidents to the police (101). 

We know parking is difficult on any estate and we ask that you respect local residents, walk where possible and drive carefully. 

Thank you for helping in keeping our families and staff safe. 

Mr Woodard

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