Rainbow Raffle May 2021

Rainbow Raffle

We are going to be holding a donation day on Thursday 27th May.  The idea being that each class will be allocated a specific colour and they will be asked to bring something in of that colour.  It will be non-uniform and if they want the children can wear the colour allocated to their class, however, this is optional.  So if their class is given red they can bring in anything red ie: red wine, ketchup, shower gel, a red football, maltesers.  Anything of that colour, but we would ask that items are in date and nothing fresh.

The donations will be made up into hampers of the specific colours with maybe a couple of ‘rainbow hampers’ too.

Tickets worth £5 (£1 each) will be sent out in envelopes with each child W/C 7th June.  To be returned by Friday 9th July and the draw will be made on 16th July.  Further tickets will be available on request from the school office.

Teacher Colour
Mrs Thornley, Mrs Cox and Mrs Kennett Any colour of the rainbow
Mrs Allan Purple
Miss Taylor Red
Mrs Fletcher Orange
Mrs Cox and Mrs Mackey Pink
Miss Ratcliffe Green
Miss Weir Yellow
Mrs Collins Blue
Mr Doyle Green
Miss Warburton Red

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