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Class Closure 30/01/2022

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Due to the high numbers of positive confirmed cases with pupils and staff and advice from Public Health England and Derbyshire Health and Safety, Miss Taylor’s Buttercup class will be closed on Monday 31st January. Due to isolation periods and the rate of infection, it is likely that the class will not be open until Monday 7th February. This is the very last outcome we wanted and we have exhausted all possibilities in keeping the class open. We will do everything possible to reopen open sooner and I will keep you all informed. 

If your child is symptomatic, please test them if it doesn’t cause them distress and please let school know if they test positive as we need to keep the local authority informed.

I am very sorry that we have had to close the class and we will get the children back in school as soon as possible. 

Take care and look after yourselves. 

Mr Woodward