Update 03/07/2020


Dear pupils, parents and guardians,

I hope you are all well and have a good weekend planned.

It has been another great week in school and we are at full capacity now. We have had nearly 90 children in and the atmosphere has been great. Thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff both in the bubbles and working from home for making this difficult period really positive.

It will be great to welcome everyone back in the summer term. I have listed some of the main points to give an overview what the provision may look like but please be aware changes are very likely to be made as guidance changes.

Arrangements for the summer break

School will not be open for pupils during the summer break.

 Arrangements for next year

The guidance for full opening next year came out yesterday and this will be subject to change but I am going to highlight what the provision and some of the procedures are likely to be.

  • We are going to add an additional inset day in September and Wednesday 2nd and Thursday the 3rd will be insets. Children will start back on Friday 4th
    • Friday 4th September will be the children’s first day back and it will give the children a day to meet the new class teacher, their classmates and have the new systems explained to them.
  • The general principles will be that staff need to distance from the children and each other as much as possible but the pupils can mix with each other in their classes, while maintaining distance where possible. Pupils will face the front. The most important aspect will be washing hands and hygiene.
  • Classes will create class bubbles and minimise contact with other bubbles where possible.
  • Staff will be able to move into other bubbles but this will be minimised, for example PPA.
  • External visitors will be minimised but if hygiene controls are in place this may still be possible.
  • All rooms have PPE available and cleaning resources.
  • Should a pupil or staff member have symptoms during the day, they would be isolated and staff caring for them would have PPE available for use.
  • Pupils or staff showing symptoms, (the updated symptom list will be shared at the time) will need to isolate for 7 days and be tested.
  • The current guidance states that two members of the bubbles would need to test positive to close the bubble.
  • KS2 children will have lunches in their classrooms and the KS1 and EYFS bubbles would eat in the hall in class bubbles. We will have one midday per class.
  • Collective worship will not happen as a school but there will be class collective worship and I will film at least one collective worship per week and classes can show them. Good work assembly will happen in the classes. These arrangements will be reviewed as guidance changes.
  • Pupils will have an individual pencil case provided by school with the equipment they will need. Parents will not need to buy any resources.

These bullet points are not supposed to cover all arrangements for next year and just provide an overview of the current guidance. More detailed guidance will follow.

Supporting the children and their learning

We are aware that the children will be in different places both emotionally and academically in September. Our staff are great at getting to know the children and will quickly assess each pupils needs.

  • Learning will not happen until pupils are emotional ready. We will assess the pupils and provide the support needed to ensure they are happy, resilient and ready to learn.
  • We will assess the pupils in September in reading, writing and maths, identify and close any gaps. There will be systems in place to ensure rapid progress is made in all areas.
  • Should pupils need to be out of school for periods of time, such as class closures, there will be systems in place, like google classrooms to ensure learning can happen remotely. This isn’t video teaching but will allow work to be set work and give feedback. More information will follow.

Class Structure for 2020 / 2021

1 Nursery   Mrs Cox, Mrs Thornley and Mrs Kennett Mrs Taylor

Mrs Grant

Miss Hamilton

Mrs Hodson

2 Reception 30 Mrs Allan and Mrs Kennett  
3 Rec/Y1 30 Miss Taylor Miss Woods
4 Y1/2 29 Mrs Fletcher Mrs Gleeson
5 Y2/3 29 Mrs Mackey and Mrs Cox Mrs Eccles (AM)
6 Y3/4 30 Miss Graham Mrs Walker

Mrs Hancher

7 Y4 29 Miss Weir Mrs Rimmer
8 Y4/5 30 Mrs Collins Mrs Johnson


Mrs Southworth

9 Y5/6 30 Mr Doyle Mrs Mettrick



10 Y6 30 Mr Ford until Christmas and a new teacher will be advertised to start in January 2021. Mrs Lynch


 Leadership Structure

We are going to have a new leadership structure from September 2020. The roles of KS1 and EYFS leader and KS2 leader will be advertised internally.

Leadership team


Deputy Headteacher

Key Stage 1 and EYFS Leader

Key Stage 2 Leader


Business Manager

New class

Parents will be told next week which class their child will be going into.

The reports will be sent out from W/C 13/07/2020 with a letter from their new class teacher.

I know this is a lot of information for a Friday and information is changing regularly. Please be assured that we are working really hard to ensure the safest possible environment will be waiting in September and we will support all children and their families through this tough time.

Have a fantastic weekend and take care of yourselves.

Mr Woodward

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