Return to Class Closure 11/11/2020

Letter and information about closure

Good evening, 

Please find a letter below explaining the the lockdown and the restrictions parents need to follow.  

Mrs Fletchers Class Bubble Closure Letter

  • Pupils to isolate until Saturday 21/11/2020 as per government guidelines. 
  • Pupils to be back in school by Monday 23/11/2020.

I know it isn’t ideal for the children to be not in school and please don’t hesitate to contact the class teacher or school. We will provide work and learning opportunities through the website and we will post work to those who requested it on online learning survey. 

Expectations for work set

◦One piece of Maths per day.

◦One piece of English per day.

◦One piece of topic work per day.

◦Three reading / comprehension activities per week.

◦Five phonics activities per week for EYFS and KS1.

Expectations for parents

◦Send three pieces of work to class teacher per week through class email.

◦Encourage children to complete work.

Ask, if you have any questions. 


Take care and look after yourselves.

Mr Woodward