School Parliament

Welcome to our school parliament page



All the pupils and staff voted for a member of parliament from each class (From year 2 and older). We are very proud of everyone who put themselves forward.

Below are pupils, who are parliament members and roles they will all take. The parliament will meet every Friday lunchtime with Miss Taylor and Mr Woodward in the cabinet room for lunch and a meeting. 

Class Cabinet Member
Peony Miles G
Jemima C
Orchid Hannah J
Azalea Miles
Honeysuckle Jack T
Tulip Oliver C
Aloe Vera Maisie B
Daisy Henry

Prime Minister (Chair of meetings)

Chancellor of the Exchequer (Charity and fundraising)

Minister for Sports (PE resources and sports premium)

Minister for the Environment (Chair of the ECO Council)

Minister for Citizenship (Buddies)

Minister for Education (Monitoring and Walkrounds)

Minister for religion (Light Group)

Eco Council

The Eco council will meet regularly and our aim is to achieve ECO School Silver award. 

Class Eco Council Member
Peony William D
Orchid Bethany H
Azalea Zach A
Honeysuckle Lily-Mae
Tulip Heidi R
Aloe Vera Dylan H
Daisy Marianne


Buddies will support play and friendships in each class and will receive training from Miss Taylor.

Class Buddy Member
Peony Isla F

Aaron H

Orchid Isabelle F

Reuben H

Azalea Lennon


Honeysuckle Rowan


Tulip Alfie Y

Jessica S

Aloe Vera Adam BE

Archie S

Daisy Ayda