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Year 6 leavers’ update 08/07/2020


Dear Pupils, Parents and Guardians of year 6 pupils,

I hope you are all well and getting ready for a lovely summer.

These are unusual times and not the end of primary school or transition to High School that we were expecting.

Plans for year 6 celebration in September 2020

As previously stated, we really want to celebrate the time and contributions the pupils have made during their time here. This is a truly exciting next step and a big part of a young person’s life and we need to celebrate.

In the autumn term, we plan to:

  • Have a presentation evening to give the leavers’ books out.
  • Leavers’ party / disco and give all pupils the chance to sign shirts and see each other.

Plans for year 6 celebration in July 2020

  • We are going to have a year 6 leavers’ assembly on Zoom at 2pm on Thursday 16th While we recognise this isn’t ideal, it is an opportunity for pupils, both in and out of school to take part. Details of the Zoom meeting will follow. All pupils in school will take part and all pupils not in school, parents and family members are very welcome.
  • Pupils will able to share a memory with everyone.
  • We have some fantastic musicians in school and if anyone would like to play a piece of music on their instrument, that would be great.
  • Please email Mrs Collins at if your child would like to play their musical instrument.
  • We will sing;
    • We are proud of our school.
    • Count on me.
    • Power in me.

Layout of leavers’ assembly

This is a rough layout of the assembly and a zoom assembly is new to us all, so let us hope technology works well.

  • Welcome – Alfie, Hollie and Mr Woodward
  • Looking back
  • Song – We’re proud of our school.
  • Friendship
  • Song – Count on me
  • Message from Ben Powell (Chair of Governors)
  • Thank you staff
  • Music interlude – Bea, Georgia and TBA.
  • Memories
  • Music interlude – Skye, Luca, Joseph and TBA.
  • Looking ahead
  • Song – Power in me
  • Message – Teachers and Mrs Mackey
  • Leavers’ poem
  • Na, na, na
  • Closing – Mr Woodward

Raising concerns with school

We strive to ensure we cater for all children and families and do everything we can to meet whole school and individual’s needs. If a parent or guardian ever has any concerns, it is important that school is contacted directly as soon as you have a concern. We will always fully investigate and do everything we can to find a mutual resolution to any problem. If your concern has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, please follow the complaints procedure on the website. Any issues regarding school related matters should be discussed with us and not on social media as we are the only people who can resolve any issues.

We hope the zoom assembly will be a success and we are looking forward to seeing you there. We are all looking forward to the day we can see you all in school and celebrate your time and accomplishments here.

Take care of yourselves and best wishes.

Mr Woodward