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Happy Monday!


Monday Activities


This week we will be using White Rose Hub home learning videos and sheets to support learning at home. As always, these are suggestions – hopefully using White Rose Hub videos and sheets will give you some structure. There are 4 sessions this week.  The home learning video starts off with Flashback 4, please pause the video as it doesn’t give your child a long time to complete. We usually give them a maximum of 5 minutes in class (they then reason how and why they have their answer – they know what they are doing). It then goes on to explain what they are going to be doing. Please follow the video and complete the sheet – if you can’t print it off, you’ll be able to do most of it on a piece of paper!

Children in Y2 will be looking at ‘Finding 3 quarters’ today. 

Click the link below to see the video.

Monday Y2 Worksheet

Children in Y3 will be looking at ‘Equivalent Fractions’ today.

Monday Y3 worksheet