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William Dobson’s Science Quiz

1. What is Jupiter made of?

A. roman gods
B. gas
C. rock
2. Why is mars red?
A. It is really hot
B. It gets very embarrassed
C. It has lots of Iron in it.
3.How big is an African elephants ears?
A. 200 km
B. 2 m
C. 2 cm
4. What are clouds made of?
A.  candy floss
B. Nothing in particular.
C. water
6. What is the Highest mountain in the rocky planets?
A. Mount Everest
B.Olympus Mons
C.The rocky mountains
7. Which is the largest country?
A. Chile 
B. Mongolia
C. Russia
D. Turkey
8. What causes bread to rise?
A. Flour 
B. Air
C.  Yeast 
9. What is smaller than an atom?
A. Electrons 
B. cells
C. Nothing
10. What is the biggest ocean?
A. The Pacific
B. The Atlantic