Update 22/01/2021


Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all well and it is clear that you have all been working really hard both in school and at home. 

Pupil Zoom Meetings

It was great to see everyone at the zoom meetings and if you couldn’t make it, that is fine. We will be doing them every week and it would be lovely to see you if you can make it next time.

Nursery and keyworker groups next week

Nursery will be starting back next week and there will be some changes to the bubbles. Nursery children will form one bubble and any siblings will be in Miss Taylor’s bubble. Mrs Mettrick will support with the older children in the class next door. This is to further minimise the transmission of the virus in school. 

Change to nursery drop off and collection – message to parents

Drop off 8.45am -Please bring Nursery children into the playground in the morning. Mr Woodward will open the gate and we ask that you stay within the cones and walk to the bottom of the playground, where a Nursery teacher will be there to greet you. Your child will then be asked to go into the Puddle yard and wait with other members of the Nursery team. We then ask that you exit via the Sunlaw Street gate.

Collection 3.20pm– Please collect your children from the Puddle playground at the bottom of the yard on the left and exit via Sunlaw Street gate.

Collection at 11.45am– We will bring the morning Nursery children to the main gate to meet you. You do not need to come into the playground.

Drop off at 12.30pm– The Nursery teacher will come to the main gate at 12.30pm to greet you. You do not need to come into playground. They will wait until the majority of children have arrived and then take them into the Nursery building. If you are late, you will need to use the button on the gate and wait for someone to come from Nursery to collect your child.

Can we kindly ask, that if you need to pass on any messages, you do so by phoning the office or using the class email snowdrops@st-james.derbyshire.co.uk

Google Classrooms 

It has been great to see how many children have been accessing google classrooms and from the phone calls we have made, the pupils are working really hard.

We have had a great response asking for second hand laptops and devices and we will start distributing them next week.

Free School Meals

We have had lots of questions about free school meals.  Children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to universal free school meals and the government pay for a school meal for children in those year groups. Free school meal entitlement is different and parents can apply for free school meals in all year groups. It is only those families that qualify for the free school meal entitlement that will get the vouchers. If you think you are eligible, you can apply online at Derbyshire free school meals application form.

Have a great weekend and take care of yourselves. 

Mr Woodward


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