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Nursery closure 17/01/2021


Dear parents and carers, 

Thank you all for letting me know about any positive cases with your children and I hope they are feeling ok. 

Since Sunday, there have been over 20 LFD or PCR confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Nursery. Following public health and health and safety advice, we are not going to be able to open nursery until Monday 24th January. This is dependent on staff testing negative on either days 5and 6 or 6 and 7 and being well enough. We need enough staff to safely staff the nursery and meet the needs of all of the children. 

I hope everyone is feeling better soon and I hope to see everyone on Monday 24th. 

Mr Woodward.


Dear parents and carers, 

Following advice from Public Health England we need to close Nursery until at least Wednesday 19th January pending further advice. Over the weekend and today, we have 15 confirmed positives cases of Covid  19 in Nursery. This is nearly 50% and to contain the outbreak we have no choice but to close Nursery.

I am very sorry we have had to close Nursery and this is the last thing I would want to do. 

Once the public health protection team have been in contact, I will let parents know when nursery will be open. We have been advised that it could be Monday 24th but I will confirm as soon as possible. 

I am sorry this has had to happen and but it is necessary and based on Public Health England advice.

Mr Woodward