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Class Topic Homework

Dear Parents,

                   As you know, the children are learning all about rivers and mountains. For their half termly topic homework your child can choose one of the tasks below to complete for the week beginning 20th April (the week after the Easter break.)  If they would prefer to complete a different homework of their choice based on mountains and rivers they’d be most welcome.

* UK Mountains – Research the mountains in the UK. List them and find out where they are on a  map of the UK. How tall are they?

* World Mountains – find out about the world’s tallest mountains. Which continent and countries are they in? How tall are they? Make a fact file.

* Mountain Medical Matters – There are many dangers that you must be prepared for when climbing. Find out about one of the following medical problems climbers may encounter and how to avoid or cure them: Hypothermia; Altitude or Mountain Sickness; Dehydration and Frostbite

* River fact file – compare and contrast some World or UK   Rivers. Your findings can be presented in any way you wish; use a model, a painting, an information booklet or even a powerpoint presentation.

* Survival bag – Decide what you would include in your survival bag for a trek up the Himalayan Mountain Range. You may take 10 items for you to carry personally. What will you need? Explain your choices and why you feel they will help you to survive.

* Story Time – Write a story that’s based in a mountain range, a story that’s about explorers or people who live in that environment. You could include animals that are found in these places, the people who live there or the mythical yeti!

* Masterchef – create a meal that would provide the essential energy required for a mountain hike. Or why not make a fruit and nut energy bar. Bring it for us to taste (if nut free) or take a photo and ask your friends and family to comment on your creation.

* Mountain Design – make your very own mountain in whichever form you wish; it may be a papiermache model, a mountain cake or biscuits or even something you have created using fabric.

* Diary entry – write a diary entry as if you were a mountain explorer. What amazing things woud you see and discover. .  

* Landscape picture – Use paints, crayons, pencils or felt tips to draw a landscape picture including mountains and / or a river.

* Any other homework based on Rivers or Mountains

Kind regards,

Mrs Collins,

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